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Talk of London Mayor Boris Johnson making a bid for Prime Minister got some steam when Rupert Murdoch reportedly backed the idea, but there's at least one guy who isn't so sure about the whole thing: Yep, Boris Johnson. We're used to politicians demuring about their political prospects up until the moment they declare a candidacy with nice-sounding excuses like "focusing on family," or "finishing the job I've got." Compare this to Johnson, who said on television Wednesday:

... how on Earth could you elect that guy? How could anybody elect a prat who gets stuck in a zip wire?

That'd be a reference to last week's attempt to zip line across a crowd during an Olympics screening at a park in London. UPI's Kate Stanton describes it thusly: "After losing momentum in the middle of the line, Johnson awkwardly dangled about 20 feet over the crowd for five minutes. Holding two Union Jacks, he reportedly called, 'Get me a rope, get me a ladder' as people snapped photos for posterity. Staff were eventually called over to drag Johnson along the wire to safety."

Then again, that kind of buffoonery isn't exactly out of character or unexpected from the Mayor. Johnson also said, he'd like to remain in his job for four more years, which sounds like a more familiar excuse. So who knows what tomorrow will bring? 

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