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In what's actually a pretty scary scene over in Shenzen, China where anti-Japanese protests have culminated in rioting, comes this odd story about a mob so blinded by anti-Japanese rage that they trashed a Japanese restaurant only to find out that it was actually owned by a Chinese person. As we noted yesterday, the anti-Japanese sentiment is based on a territorial dispute between the two countries, and the repercussions continue within China. "The owner opened the restaurant five years ago after investing 5,000,000 yuan ($786,250) of capital. He says he had just heard of the demonstration and was thinking of closing down the store when the mob broke in and destroyed over 100,000 yuan ($15,725) worth of property," reports Japan Today's Steven Simonitch, which adds that the mob vandalized Japanese cars and burned Japanese flags. "Needless to say, the Japanese internet community has gotten a kick out of the incident, pointing out that the cars they toppled were also likely owned by Chinese," according to Japan Today, in what's basically the equivalent of "Neener-neener-neener."

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