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Vladimir Putin is a well-documented badass, and badasses don't show up on time to work meetings when they could be drinking with their biker buddies instead. That's why, according to Agence France-Press, Ukraine's president Viktor Yanukovych had to wait for his Russian counterpart, who was on his way to a goodwill meeting in Yalta Thursday, but got held up downing a few cold ones with the boys.

"The Russian president arrived several hours behind schedule but rather than rushing to meet his host he instead went to greet a group of Russian bikers known as the 'Night Wolves' whose events he has attended in the past," AFP reported.

Did you know about this? In addition to driving a race car, hunting shirtless, judo-throwing people, and showing a polar bear who's boss, Putin is buddies with this Hell's Angels-looking biker gang on the Russia-Ukraine border. They all went to a soccer game together in Belgrade last year, and a few months later Putin led the Night Wolves' annual rally on his three-wheeled Harley. There's video of that, complete with the club's totally metal anthem:

So President Yanukovych just had to sit and wait. And while we haven't heard of Ukrainian head complaining about the delay personally, former foreign minister-turned-comentator Folodymyr Ogryzko was absolutely sputtering: "Instead of hurrying to the meeting he stopped to have a drink with the bikers. In my opinion this is a diplomatic slap or rudeness." Dude, you need to chill out. It's not a good idea to reprimand the friends of biker gangs with leaders named The Surgeon. Also you just sound totally square.

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