Seven Questions About Syria's Immediate Future

No answers, only questions:

1. How frightened is the Iranian regime right now about the prospect of losing its only Arab ally?

2. What specifically is the West doing to make sure that Syria's chemical weapons are secure and are not used?

3. Could this mess have been avoided by early intervention?

4. Does Asma al-Assad, Bashar's wife, regret not taking a Jordanian offer of refuge months ago?

5. Anyone want to take out long-term life insurance on newly-appointed Syrian defense minister Gen. Fahad Jassim al-Freij?

6. Did today's suicide bombers watch "Valkyrie" and learn from Tom Cruise's mistakes?

7. What does Kofi Annan do now?

UPDATED:8. How long before we find out that al Qaeda is behind this bombing, and how long before we discover that it does not know how to stop?