London Live Blog, Day 3: Missy Franklin Rules

It's the first full weekday of Olympic competition (with 12 medal events) and we're here to keep you posted with news and results. The men's gymnastics final is under way now.

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It's the first full weekday of competition at the 2012 London Olympics and that means million of sports fans trying to keep tabs on their favorite athletes in-between spreadsheets and meetings and classes whatever else it is they do on a typical Monday. This is not a typical Monday for Olympians, of course

Nearly every Olympic sport will have something going on at some point today, so we'll try to keep you ahead of the game of the biggest events of the day. Here are all 12 of the medal-winning events that you can look out for as they day unfolds.

All times in the liveblog are Eastern

  • 7:15 a.m.: Shooting; Men's 10m Air Rifle Final
  • 10:00 a.m. Diving; Men's Synchronized 10m platform
  • 10:30 p.m.: Weightlifting; Women's 58kg
  • 11:00 a.m.: Judo: Women's 57kg final (tournament begins at 4:30)
  • 11:10 a.m.: Judo Men's 73kg final (tournament begins at 4:30 a.m.)
  • 11:30 a.m.: Men's Gymnastics; Team Final
  • 2:00 p.m. Weightlifting: Men's 62kg
  • 2:40 p.m.: Fencing; Women's Epee Final (tournament begins at 5:30 a.m.)
  • 2:43 p.m.: Swimming Finals: Men's 200m freestyle; Women's 100m backstroke; Men's 100m backstroke; Women's 100m breaststroke



5:40: Beach volleyball, as you might expect, is more chill than your usual Olympic sport. There's a hype man getting the crowd warmed up. They play Jock Jams over a loudspeaker. The Chinese team is wearing the most flattering sports bra/bikini top combo ever invented by mankind.

A nice spike:

5:30: Was an Olympic record set today? Yes! Twice, The Guardian reports. Those records go to USA's Matt Grevers in the men's 100-meter backstroke and China's Ye Shiwen in the women's 200-meter individual medley. So far, we've seen 14 new Olympic records and five new world records.

5:20: Ryan Lochte tweets, "Not so happy about that swim tonight... you live and learn. Tomorrow I will be better."

3:50: Missy Franklin won the 100-meter backstroke only 14 minutes after swimming a heat to qualify as the eighth seed in the 200-meter freestyle, NBC's Jason Devaney points out. She didn't chill during those 14 minutes, either. Instead, she did a few laps in the diving well, because she wouldn't have enough time to get all the way to the warm down pool.

3:40: RESULTS: American Breeja Larson jumped before the gun in the women's 100-meter breaststroke, but she didn't. When the race resumed, she came in sixth, however. Lithuania's Ruta Meilutyte won gold in 1:05.47, America's Rebecca Soni won silver with 1:05.55, and Japan's Satomi Suzuki won bronze with 1:06.46.

3:15: RESULTS: American Matt Grevers wins the men's 100-meter backstroke with a time of 52.16. American Nick Thoman came in second with 52.92, and Japan's Irie Ryosuke won the bronze with 52.97.

Meanwhile, America's Missy Franklin, won her first Olympic gold in the women's 100-meter backstroke with a time of 58.33. Franklin already won bronze in the 4x100 freestyle relay. Australia's Emily Seebohm came in second with 58.68, and Japan's Aya Terakawa finished third with 58.83.

In the men's 200-meter freestyle, France's Yannick Agnel won gold, and Korea's Taehwan Park and China's Yang Sun tied for silver. American Ryan Lochte finished fourth, 1.9 seconds behind the winner.

2:14: RESULTS UPDATE: Wow, after a score inquiry, the Japanese men's gymnastics team was bumped up to silver (see update below). Great Britain now has the bronze. As you might imagine, there were boos in London.

The inquiry was into Japanese star Kohei Uchimura's score on pommel horse.

2:02: RESULTS: Despite qualifying in first place, the American men have missed out on a medal in the team gymnastics competition. China won gold, Great Britain silver, and Ukraine bronze.

The U.S. faltered on the pommel horse, a weak event made weaker still by the team's decision not to include pommel horse specialist Alex Naddour on the team. Danell Leyva and John Orozco, the two biggest stars on the men's team, both fell. They came in sixth, 2 points out of third place.

This is Great Britain's first medal since 1912. Here's the team's Louis Smith celebrating after a better result on the event that took the U.S. down:

1:23: The best highlight of the Olympic basketball tournament (men or women) is play from the Austrailia-France game this morning, when the Aussies needed a deperation heave to force overtime:

They still lost, but it was a nice effort. (via Business Insider)

1:15: Kobe Bryant spotted in the crowd at the U.S. volleyball match.

1:10: Ryan Lochte showed up to collect his gold medal this weekend with a red-white-and-blue diamond studded mouth grill. Olympic officials made him spit it out, but that didn't stop him from getting his post-medal stand photo op.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Sean Kilpatrick, Canadian Press

1:05 p.m.: We're a little more than half way through the men's gymnastics rotations and China (which qualified in sixth place) is dominating the competition so far. They first by a mile in three of the six events, with just to more left to go. They are well on pace to defending their 2008 title. The U.S. team is struggling after a disastrous rotation on the vault (they came in eighth) and will need to rally just to win a medal.

12:58: Brazilian judoka Felipe Kitadai broke his bronze medal after he wore into the shower on Saturday and then dropped it. He got a replacement, despite his carelessness.

12:57: That gold gives China two so far today, expanding its lead over the U.S. to 8-3. They're up 14-13 in overall medals.

12:50: RESULTS: China's Li Xueying wins the women's 58kg weightlifting title. Pimsiri Sirikaew of Thailand is silver and Yuliya Kalina of Ukraine was bronze.

12:48: Another quick TV update if you're looking for something to watch. NBC Sports Net is turning over to shooting, followed by boxing at 1:15. MSNBC is still showing Russia and Brazil in basketball, but will move over to weightlifting at 1:30. Bravo is showing the Williams sisters in double match. (They both won singles matches earlier today. And NBC regular is still showing USA women's volleyball vs. Brazil.


11:51: RESULT: Kaori Matsumoto of Japan wins the gold medal in judo (57kg) over Corina Caprioriu of Romania. Mansure Isaev of Russia wins gold in the men's 73kg competition. Riki Nakaya wins silver.

11:37: Quick TV update: NBC regular is showing swimming heats from this morning, and is expected to switch to the U.S. and Brazil in women's volleyball soon. (That will be live.) MSNBC is running a women's water polo match, followed shortly by Russia and Brazil in women's basketball. The equestrian is still going on NBCSports Network and Bravo: Still tennis. The gymnastics feed is live.

11:30: The men's gymnastics team final is about to start. It won't be on TV or archived, since NBC is saving it for primetime tonight, but you can watch it online.

11:16: RESULT: Correction: Ugo Legrand just won a bronze medal judo (73kg) in front of his President.

11:01: RESULT: China, as they are used to doing, wins another gold in diving. The 10m synchronized platform goes to Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan. Mexico gets the silver and the U.S. team of David Boudia and Nicholas McCrory wins bronze. Great Britian just missed on a medal with a fourth place finish.

10:50: French President Francois Hollande was introduced at the Judo arena. Two of his citizens just missed out on medals.

10:40: RESULT: Malloy wins her Bronze Medal match with a ippon (sorta like a pin in wrestling) at the 2:25 mark of the match. Go here and skip to 1 hour and 33 minute mark to see the big moment.

10:00 a.m.: Coming up right now. American Marti Malloy goes for bronze in the judo 57kg class. The finals of the men's synchronized 10m is getting under way. Both are online.

9:15 a.m.: Bravo going with Venus Williams right now. Hurry, she's already up one set to nothing. Serena is also playing right now too so look for her match online.

8:45 a.m.: TV update! Here's going on television-wise if you're thinking of flipping channels: As noted, Bravo has tennis all day (Federer's match is starting at 9:00); NBC Sports Network has equestrian events until 1:00 p.m., and MSNBC is showing Spain vs. China in Water Polo. Anything else you want to see, you'll have to go online. Recommend 9:00 a.m. viewing? The women's fencing epee tournament; Spain vs. Pakistan in men's field hockey, a women's handball match between Great Britain and Russia (9:30 start) and ping pong.

8:37 a.m.: Tennis updates! Andy Roddick just won his first-round match in straight set, as have France's Richard Gasquet and Australian Lleyton Hewitt. Roger Federer (9:00 a.m.) and American John Isner will play later today. TV watchers note that Bravo is handling all the tennis coverage for NBC.

8:23 a.m.: Generally, we are not fans of television shots of anxious parents in the crowd. (They don't really add anything to the broadcast and stage parents are the worst.) Still, watching Aly Raisman's mom and dad do seat gymnastics along with their daughter as she competes on the uneven bars is pretty entertaining.

8:02 a.m.: RESULT: Romania's Alin Moldoveanu wins gold in Men's 10m Air Rifle. Niccolo Campriani of Italy took the silver and the bronze medal went to Gagan Narang of India.

5:25 a.m.: One interesting note from the weekend: When 16-year-old Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen won 400-meter individual medley on Saturday, she set world record by swimming the final 50 meters in 28.93 seconds. Ryan Lochte, who won the men's event that same day, swam it in 29.10. Apparently, some people questioned how a teenage girl outswam the fastest man and broke a world record without the aid of the special water-slicing swimsuits that were banned after 2008, but we'll just admire the feat for what it was.

4:35 a.m.: Here's what's going right now, from about 4:00 a.m. Eastern to about 6:00 a.m. Archery (Individual eliminations); Badminton singles; Women's Basketball (Croatia vs. China); Beach Volleyball (Currently airing on the NBC Sports Network); Women's handball (Croatia vs. Angola); Men's Field Hockey (New Zealand vs. Korea); Judo; Rowing; Shooting; and Women's Volleyball. They should all be available to watch online at

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