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On the same day that reports of violence in Syria is spilling to its neighboring countries, Kofi Annan admitted that the U.N.'s efforts to bring peace to Syria have failed. Speaking with french newspaper Le Monde (and translated by the Washington Post), Annan said "The evidence shows that we have not succeeded." He didn't offer much as a way of a solution, but he did say too much blame was being put on Russia and not enough accountability was being put on countries feeding arms and supplies to both sides. He also pleaded that Iran be made part of the solution. He didn't even sound optimistic about his new plan for a unified government

Elsewhere, Hillary Clinton slammed China and Russia for not doing more to end the violent conflict at a conference for "friends of Syria" in Paris that Annan declined to attend. She said they need to "get off the sidelines" and start to help foster peace talks and end the violence that's killed over 14,000.

Reuters is reporting Syrian forces fired on a village in Lebanon Saturday morning, killing at least three people. Rebel forces have used villages in Lebanon as refuges from the violence in their own country, but now regime forces have begun following them and bringing the violence into Lebanon. 

This isn't the first time Syrian forces fired on one of their neighbors. How could you forget the Turkish fighter jet Syrian forces downed because Assad thought it was from Israel

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