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It seems that South Korean intelligence sources have figured out who exactly that mystery woman showing up with Kim Jong-Un at all his important events. Her name is apparently Hyon Song-wol, but North Koreans know her as the illustrious front woman of the Bonchonbo Electronic Music Band. According to The Telegraph's Julian Ryall, Hyon is "Responsible for a string of hits that included 'Footsteps of Soldiers, I Love Pyongyang', 'She is a Discharged Soldier' and 'We are Troops of the Party', her popularity reportedly peaked in 2005 with the song 'Excellent Horse-Like Lady.'"

Hyon's identity had intrigued North Korea watchers for the past few days, revealing how little is still known about Kim and his country. CNN, for example, mused that she could be anyone from a sister to a wife, but because of this lack of clarity, we, The Telegraph, and New York's Daily Intel are trusting a report from Korea's Joongang Daily and South Korean intelligence sources who say that's totally Hyon, and that Kim's father, Kim Jong-Il, did not approve of their relationship and that the younger Kim only rekindled the relationship in December.

There is one catch to this tale of love and electric sonatas: Hyon is reportedly married with a young child. "There have been no reports on the whereabouts of Hyon's husband, or whether they are even still married, or her young baby," reports The Telegraph. We can sort of give the North Korean government the benefit of the doubt as there were no reports of Hyon until today, but c'mon, that's a bit disconcerting right?

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