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The Olympics have a Pete Rose scandal on their hands. An Irish athlete's been accused of placing bets on an opponent in an event they were also competing in. To make matters weirder, their longshot bets came through. 

The Irish Olympic council received an anonymous email on Thursday accusing one their Olympic athletes of placing bets on one of their competitors in an unspecified event. The Irish Independent newspaper claims they have substantial evidence showing how the betting took place: 

While the OCI is – as yet – merely in receipt of an anonymous email making the allegation, the Irish Independent has taken possession of detailed documentary evidence suggesting the competitor used their personal account with a large bookmaking firm to place two separate bets, both backing a specific opponent to claim victory in a competition they themselves were entered in.

The bets, at a price of 12/1, were placed the day before their competition started. Both were successful and the competitor withdrew €3,600 in cash on returning from the event.

So far, who and what sport the athlete competes in is unknown. It's important to note the betting didn't take place on an Olympic event. It happened at an event before the Olympics. It's also important to note the bets came through at 12/1 odds, which seems like a heck of a money line, and implies something more might be lurking under the surface here. They didn't bet on a favorite. 12/1 is a longshot.

Betting is a big no-no for the Olympic committee, so if the allegations prove to be true than the athlete could be disqualified from the games. The biggest complication is whether they can prove the athlete did it on time. Because the games just started, the Olympic Council of Ireland may not be able to finish their investigation on time. 

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