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Yes, it's basically the start of our and your work day, but we're already itching to procrastinate on The Guardian's latest and very nifty interactive feature: "Could You Be a Medallist?" To be honest, The Guardian's interactive team should've really called the feature, "lie and watch Olympic medallists still beat you," but basically the interactive program allows you to plug in your "personal best" times in events like the 100m sprint, 10km run, and 100m freestyle swim and see how that time stacks up against former medallists from the past Olympics. For example: check out how my wishful and very fictitious time of a 50-second 100m freestyle would've gotten me a gold in 1972: 

Sure, the Nintendo-esque graphics make things fun and kitschy (and could probably get you in quite a bit trouble if your boss sees you playing), but the program also highlights the history of the games and how records have changed over the years. Someone who totally doesn't work at The Atlantic Wire also told us that getting the secret codes is also really fun, too... But we totally aren't interested in any of that. Nope, not us. (Unicorns!)

Head on over to The Guardian now to see if you could be a medallist.

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