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You can't sue god or mother nature, so Belgium tourism officials want to do the next best thing: Sue the people who forecast the weather. The furious restaurant and hotel federation on the tiny country's 40-mile coast says the prediction from a private weather bureau calling for rain and cool temperatures during most of July and the first part of August cost its members business, so it wants to sue because, as Reuters' Robert-Jan Bartunek reports,"those predictions are unscientific" in the words of Daniel Despiegelaere, a representative of the town of Knokke-Heist.

But from what we're seeing, that prediction is bearing out. The Weather Channel has temperatures in the 60s for the region and only one day of sun through July 15. Weather Underground shows temperatures in the low 70s, and slightly lower chances of rain through July 12, but still cool and cloudy. And Accuweather shows temperatures in the 60s for most of July and at least some chance of rain almost every day. So, while it still might be nice to visit the coast, sun-lovers are probably justified in staying away based on the reports. Sorry to rain on your lawsuit, guys.

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