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Update: Readers have been writing in and pointing to Alan Prendergast's report in the Denver Westword.  According to Prendergast, Montano's family received new information that doesn't line up with the details in La Cronica. "The Cronica account is wrong, along with several details, including his clothing being caught in the elevator," Diane Alters, Montaño's mother, told Prendergast. "His clothing did not get caught. The Cronica has caused lots of anguish and confusion for everybody."  Prendergast also explains that the AP says the investigation into Montano's death remains open. 

Original: Not that this makes the news of 22-year-old journalist Armando Montano's death in Mexico City any less sad or offers any closure for his family and friends, but the Mexico Attorney General's Office believes he died by accident. According to a report in La Cronica De Hoy, his clothing was caught and was crushed to death.

When Montano's mysterious death was announced, we were worried that foul play was involved--journalist deaths at the hands of Mexican cartels have become very common in Mexico of late, and Montano had just reported on a failed undercover sting. Foul play doesn't seem to be the case:  "The Procuraduria General de la Republica, Mexico's attorney general's office, informed reporters that its preliminary investigation has determined that Montaño's clothing got caught in elevator machinery in a building near his apartment and that he was fatally injured in the incident," writes the Denver Westword's Alan Prendergast.  As La Cronica reported, Montano was apparently crushed to death and couldn't free himself from the elevator gears.

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