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Yesterday brought us indelible images of James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora shooting, who appeared in court for the first time with dazed look and a shock of red-orange hair. While the images from that appearance, and his mugshot, were naturally plastered on papers throughout America, the international press also took notice. 

Out of 391 international front pages featured on the Newseum today, 79 featured images of Holmes — just over 20 percent. In Brazilian papers, Holmes' picture was on 20 front pages. In Canada, 13. In Mexico, 11. He was on four in Germany (one being Stars and Stripes' European edition published in Kaiserslautern), three times in Colombia, and three in Turkey. The Arab Times, published in Kuwait, featured the alleged shooter, as did La Stampa in Italy, and the United Daily News in Taiwan. 

It's unsurprising that the images of Holmes would get attention in America—regardless of how we feel about giving him publicity. Of the <strike>511</strike> (since we published it's now 514) U.S. papers that the Newseum featured, he was on over 300, well more than half.

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