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It's commonly known that it's not really a great time in Greece what with its debt and austerity measures, but don't tell that to 2 percent of Greeks, who think their country's finances are a-OK. 

A survey from the Pew Research Center finds that out of 1,000 Greeks surveyed 2 percent say their country has a "good national economic situation." Two percent are also satisfied with the direction their country is going. Pew's information was gleaned from face-to-face interviews conducted between March 20 and April 9. The Washington Post has a write-up on the report, as well.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported today that country's unemployment reached a record 22.5 percent unemployment. "Things are only getting worse," one Greek woman quoted said. A separate poll conducted by Public Issue for Greek television station Skai and newspaper Kathimerini between July 5 and 10 found 66 percent who believed their country was headed in the wrong direction.

The Greek 2 percent might be lonely in their own country, but perhaps they can hang with the 6 percent of Spaniards out of 1,000 surveyed who are all right with their country's financial situation. Something tells us these people all share a sunny, optimistic outlook.

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