Video Claims to Shows Syrian Troops Mocking People They Just Killed

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A video posted online by opposition forces appears to show Syrian army soldiers laughing and mocking the dead as they pile up bodies and then blow them up. The footage was reportedly shot back in March in the town of al-Hamamah in Idlib province. Soldiers can be seen dragging the dead bodies from a recent attack into a small building before setting off explosives. The video was included in a report broadcast on Al Jazeera, which says more footage showed soldiers beating a Turkish man they had captured and believed to be fighting against them.

Warning: Though much of the gore is blurred, the images may disturbing.

The video is not tied to recent massacres across the country though it maybe a scene that's been repeated elsewhere during the country's ongoing civil war. U.N. monitors have still not been allowed into the town of Mazraat al-Qubeir, where more than 70 civilians were killed this week, possibly so that any evidence of a slaughter could be removed and witnesses arrested or silenced. 

A man who lives in the town, but was not home when the attacked happened told al Jazeera that five of his family members were killed and their bodies burned in their home. It is believed that the perpetrators of the massacre were not soldiers, but Alawite militia members operating with government backing.

Al Araabiya also has some incredible footage of residents of Homs under attack from government shelling that was shot today. The video was filmed by an Al Arabiya correspondent and provides a remarkable perspective on the tense and dangerous situation that all of Syria's citizens are living in.

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