The Next Magnotta Mystery: Where's The Victim's Head?

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Now that investigators have confirmed the hands and feet mailed to Vancouver schools last week came from Jun Lin, the man Luka Magnotta allegedly killed, ate, and dismembered on tape, there's one pressing mystery left: Where's his head? "We have no leads on that," Montreal Police Commander Ian Lafrenière told Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Still, Lafrenière said DNA tests connecting the hands and feet mailed to two Vancouver schools last week and two Canadian political parties in Ottawa the week before, with the torso found behind Magnotta's apartment building meant that "for us, this resolves the first part of our investigation." The second part, presumably, will be locating Jun's head. Cops earlier The Sun tabloid that they feared the head could be in the mail, like the other body parts but they haven't officially said where they think it is. Canadians: Proceed with caution when opening strange packages.

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