More Body Parts Found in Canada, Including a Fake One

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Update (1:10 p.m. EDT): OK, it's official: Police are saying they think the hand and foot found in Vancouver Tuesday belong to Jun, according to CNN. His head is still missing.

Original: Even with suspected foot-mailing murderer Luka Magnotta in custody, more body parts have been turning up in Canada this week, but thankfully at least one appears to be a fake.

On Tuesday, according to The Vancouver Sun's Nicole Mordant and Elisa Oddone, one foot and one hand arrived in the mail at two Vancouver schools. Police had said last week that more body parts were unaccounted for from Chinese student Jun Lin, who Magnotta is suspected of murdering and dismembering, after a foot and a hand arrived at the offices of Canadian political parties on May 29. Then on Wednesday morning, police in Montreal, where Magnotta had lived and where Jun's torso was found behind his apartment building, said yet another foot had been found. That would have made a total of three feet, which would indicate a new victim. Fortunately, a little while later, the Canadian newspaper La Presse set the record straight, clarifying that the Montreal foot was made of plastic.

Police haven't officially connected the foot and hand discovered in Vancouver to Jun, so they may still indicate another victim. But if they do turn out to be his, that will at least solve the mystery of what happened to some of those still-missing remains.

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