Julian Assange Is One Failed Appeal Away from Extradition

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The silver-haired WikilLeaks creator has one appeal left in the U.K. and he's expected to lose it, which could land Julian Assange in Sweden by the end of the month where he faces accusations of sexual misconduct. It seems like this long, winding story of "will they or won't they extradite" has been playing out for years now, but it looks like extradition is very near with the British Supreme Court rejecting to re-open Assange's extradition case today. "The development effectively exhausts Assange's legal options in Britain, where he has been fighting the extradition demand since late 2010," reports The Associated Press's Raphael Satter, who adds that Assange could appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, though legal experts don't even think he has chance there. If extradited, Assange will have to face questioning regarding two women who are accusing him of sexual misconduct: One, for alleged raped and another, for alleged molestation.

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