Hosni Mubarak Is In Critical Condition

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Hosni Mubarak may not make it to his appeal. The Associated Press is reporting Mubarak is in critical condition in the military hospital where he's currently serving his life sentence. There were signs of his health deteriorating when he was sentenced to life in prison last week. The AP spoke to a prison official who told them Mubarak is slipping in and out of consciousness, and has been restricted to a liquid diet since entering the prison. "The former president's health is in decline, but now it's stable in its deteriorated state," the official said. Mubarak's wife and family have lobbied for him to be moved back to the military facility where he was cared for before his sentencing, but Egyptian authorities have turned them down.

Mubarak's life sentence was appealed only a day after his initial sentencing when Egypt's general prosecutor wanted to appeal the acquittal of six interior ministry officials. Thousands of Egyptians took to the streets after Mubarak's life sentence was announced, protesting the sentence as not harsh enough, or that it would too easy to overturn. 


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