France's First Lady in Catty Twitter Tiff

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There's a political/romantic scandal currently ruffling feathers in France that is just so, well, French. It involves Twitter, so it's also modern and annoying, but it's mostly just very French. Let us explain.

France has a new president, Francois Hollande, and his ladyfriend (not his wife! French thing No. 1!) Valérie Trierweiler is a journalist and an avid Twitter user. So imagine the nation's shock when Trierweiler tweeted out her support for a candidate in a regional election who is not supported by Hollande's administration. Discord at the Elysée! But the whole First Lady going against the president's politics thing is not the real bit of dish here.

What's really French about this whole affair, as Yahoo's Claudine Zap explains, is that the candidate whom Trierweiler supported is running against longtime socialist party figure Ségolène Royal, who just so happened to be Hollande's lover for 30 years. (Again, never married! But they have kids! Very French) Royal is apparently super jealous of Trierweiler, the new younger lady in Hollande's life, so for Trierweiler to tweet out against Royal is a bit of a burn. It's a burn that was maybe sparked by jealousy, given that Hollande is supporting his old lover Royal even though they're no longer together. Quel scandal!

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Everyone in France is in a tizzy about this, though really should they be all that surprised? It's France! Hell, it's Paris. This is just what those people do, isn't it? Lovers scorning lovers and other lovers lashing out, all in a very sexually liberated way. If only this had been done in some sort of corner cafe with accordion music playing. Then we'd really be in business. But, maybe Twitter is the new Parisian corner cafe. Hm. Isn't that a romantic thought.

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