Foot-Mailing Canadian Suspect Has Been Arrested in Berlin

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Update 10:44 a.m. : Bild, a German newspaper, is reporting that Luka Magnotta has been arrested in Berlin.  Canada's CBC News adds that the arrest took place in an Internet cafe. And according to Bloomberg's Jake Beckman, German police have confirmed his arrest. 


If you're in Paris's 17th arrondissement, you might want to be on the lookout for Luka Magnotta--the Canadian gay porn star wanted for sending body parts to Canadian officials--he might be dressed as a woman, with porn magazines and air sickness bags in tow. Bizarre right? Well, yeah, being dressed as a woman and leaving hotel rooms littered with porn magazines and air sickness bags isn't as bizarre as mailing dismembered feet and hands to Canadian politicians and being accused of eating parts of his dead lover, but that's what the French cops and Interpol found when they raided Magnotta's hotel room, reports the New York Daily News' Helen Kennedy. And though prosectors are using every surveillance tool they can (scanning security cameras on the streets of Paris and public transportation surveillance footage, cell phone signals, etc.) they still haven't found the cannibalistic gay porn star suspect. But they have pinpointed his whereabouts to the 17 arrondissement (an amalgam of "bourgeois respectability" and "less affluent" and two really great restaurants says Frommer's and The New York Times), usually in the company of men, reports Le Figaro and Interpol's global alert says he might be dressed as woman. Anything else? "He had very pretty eyes, a very well-defined mouth. He had an accent," one woman told the Globe and Mail after meeting Magnotta. Don't be fooled by the eyes guys!

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