Protests in Tahrir Square Echo Last Year's Uprising

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When we wrote that Egyptians weren't happy about the Mubarak verdict, we didn't expect it to reach this level. Thousands of Egyptian citizens descended on Tahrir Square late Saturday to protest the verdict they believe was either too soft, or could leave the door open for Mubarak to walk in an appeal. The scene is strangely reminiscent of similar pictures of the crowds in Tahrir Square from last January, or from the one-year anniversary gatherings

There were disturbances in the courtroom immediately after the verdict from people who wanted Mubarak to get the death penalty. The BBC reports a lot of the crowd's anger is being directed at the acquittals of the four senior interior ministry officials. Mubarak and his interior minister Habib al-Adli were both sentenced to life in prison, but the crowd is worried the prosecution's lack of evidence proving he ordered the killings of Egyptian protestors would leave the door open for an easy appeal. Mubarak was sentenced for "accessory to murder" and the judge ordered he was guilty for not stoping protestors from being killed during the first week of the uprising. The BBC is also saying a lot of people are coming out to voice their displeasure over the country's current political climate. Egyptians go to the polls this month to decide their first freely elected President, but few in the country are excited for the choices on the ballot

A protester speaks to the crowd as flags are raised, and one man is in the background standing on top of a lamp post: 

And one more:

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