Coma or No, Hosni Mubarak's Lawyer Says He Needs a Hospital

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Depending on what you're reading, ex-Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak might be in a coma, might not be in a coma, or might simply be in really bad shape. What his lawyers want, of course, is to get him out of jail and into a hospital. 

We aren't quite sure ourselves what's going on with Mubarak's failing health. As we mentioned, one Egyptian Interior Ministry official told CNN that Mubarak, who is currently serving a life a sentence for calling for the killing of protestors, was in a full coma. Meanwhile, The BBC is reporting that a interior ministry official (we don't know if it's the same source since no one wants to be named) has denied the coma claim, stating that Mubarak is suffering from breathing and blood pressure issues.

Whatever Mubarak's health really is might be the sidepoint. What really matters here is that these reports bolster his lawyer's argument for moving Mubarak out of prison and into a hospital—and possibly evading his publicly-protested life sentence. "This is deliberate murder. This is revenge. I am not saying release him. I am saying take him to a hospital where he can be kept and taken care of," Mubarak's lawyer, Farid el-Deeb told Reuters. "The president is in a very bad state. Mubarak's state is very critical and he must be transferred immediately to a hospital." 

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