Canadian Foot Mailing Suspect Caught Reading Stories About Himself

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An allegedly cross-dressing, body-part-mailing, horror-movie-style murderer was arrested in Berlin on Monday night, Melissa Eddy reported in The New York Times. The suspect, who is said to be a Canadian porn star, was spotted in an internet cafe, reading the news... about himself. 

The police said they were tipped off by a Berlin resident who had been following the frenzied news coverage of the case and spotted the suspect, Luka Rocco Magnotta, at an Internet cafe in the city’s Neukölln district. A cafe employee said the tipster saw Mr. Magnotta reading news stories about himself, made the connection and went outside to flag down a passing patrol car.

We can now add narcissism to the movie-plot-list of allegations (some from the media, some from his arrest warrant) against Luka Magnotta:

  • Killing and dismembering a Chinese student, who may have been his lover, in Montreal.
  • Videotaping the killing.
  • Sending a severed foot to a staff member of Canada's Conservative Party. 
  • Attempting to send a severed hand to Canada's Liberal Party.
  • Changing his legal name, and using a third name. 
  • Assuming various personas, including women and characters in vampire films.
  • Prostituting himself.
  • Killing kittens.
  • Posting four videos of himself killing kittens. 
  • Did I mention killing kittens? And filming it? And posting it?
  • Oh, also, Cannibalism.

It was the narcissism, however, that did him in. 

“He was using the web to glorify himself,” Montreal Police Commander Ian LaFreniere told The Daily Beast. “This is the same web that brought him down.”

Pat Brown, a criminal profiler in Washington D.C., put if more frankly. “His biggest problem is that he’s an attention whore,” he told The Daily Beast. “He’s in these Internet cafes because he’s so excited about what he’s done.”

There you have it, kids. The moral of this story. Disconnect your ego from the evil internets, lest you end up a kitten killer, caught Google-searching yourself in public.

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