A Brief Timeline of the Canadian Foot-Mail Killing

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Now that police have identified the victim in that gruesome Canadian dismemberment murder, we can start putting together a basic sequence of what they think happened, where, and to whom. Montreal police confirmed on Friday that the victim was Jun Lin, a 33-year-old Chinese national studying at Concordia University in Montreal, and that Luka Magnotta, the 29-year-old suspect, was still on the run. French police said they were sure he was in France, but Montreal cops said he could have returned to Canada using an alias. Here's what we know so far.

May 24: Jun last seen

May 24 or 25: Police say Magnotta killed Jun in Magnotta's Montreal apartment and cut his body to  pieces.

May 25: Video purporting to show Magnotta killing Jun is posted online.

May 26: Police say Magnotta flew out of Montreal's airport, but won't say where. French police say he flew to Paris.

May 29: Ottawa police report a severed foot sent by mail to Canada's Conservative Party, and say they've discovered another body part in the mail, while Montreal police report a dismembered torso found in a suitcase behind an apartment building. On the same day, the Chinese consulate in Montreal reports Jun missing.

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May 30: Luka Magnotta named the top suspect in both the torso and body-part mailing.

May 31: Interpol joins the search for Magnotta, issuing an international arrest warrant as Magnotta thought to be in France. Police say more body parts may be unaccounted for.

June 1: Police identify Jun, and say he and Magnotta knew each other, but they won't specify their relationship. They also say more body parts have been found, though some are still missing. They won't say which.

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