What the Web Knows About the Canadian Foot-Mailing Suspect

Luka Rocco Magnotta, the guy who police suspect of killing a man and then mailing his body parts to political parties, had a bizarre and wide-ranging web presence before he became Canada's most salacious murder suspect.

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Luka Rocco Magnotta, the guy who police suspect of killing a man and then mailing his body parts to political parties, had a bizarre and wide-ranging web presence before he became Canada's most salacious murder suspect. Magnotta, a 29-year-old who is also known as Eric Clinton Newman, has been pegged as everything from a cat killer to a porn model to the boyfriend of an infamous serial killer. But the gruesome crime captured Canada's attention after a human left foot arrived in the mail at the headquarters of the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa, followed by the discovery of other body parts in the mail. On Tuesday, cops found a dismembered torso behind a Montreal apartment building where Magnotta reportedly lived, and by Wednesday they were asking for the public's help in finding him, saying they had obtained video of him killing and dismembering his alleged victim. Until he's apprehended, here's a rundown of what Googling bloggers and reporters have turned up on Magnotta's past.

He's a Model you can't hire: Magnotta apparently owned a website that bears his name, courtesy of Gawker, which identifies him as a "cute twink" model. There's no contact information so there's no way to hire him, but there are a lot of provocative photos and some vehement but vague rambling about people who attack him online: "I do not feel the necessity to address the specific accusations made in the posts since they are so far from my character that responding to them will give them more credibility than they will ever hold." Gawker identified him as an escort, but other news reports have contented themselves with describing him as a "low budget gay porn star"

He may have dated an infamous killer: The Montreal Gazette reported that "police confirmed" Magnotta had once dated "notorious sex killer Karla Homolka." The report continues, "In 2007, Magnotta denied he dated the notorious sex killer." Homolka was convicted of manslaughter in 1995 and served a 12-year sentence for her involvement with her husband in the 1991 rape and murder of two teenage girls in Ontario. Indeed, some sketchy reports from 2007, like this one from Yahoo Voices, carried the rumor that Magnotta and Homolka were dating, along with Magnotta's denial.

Lots of people think he kills cats: A Change.org petition with about 600 signatures makes this accusation:

In 2010 he made a video called "1 boy 2 kittens" and he placed two innocent kittens in a vaccum sealed bag. He sucked the air out of it til the kittens died. He made another video of doing sexual acts with the deceased kittens. Around November 2011 a third video of him feeding a 4 month kitten named "Jasmine" to a 16ft albino Burmese python. The video is called "Python Christmas." A 4th video of the same identical kitten being taped to a broom stick and being drowned to death. The video is called "Bathtime LOL."

We found the 1 Boy 2 Kittens video, and it's pretty impossible to tell who the boy is. It's also disturbing and inappropriate enough that we're going to leave it up to you to Google it yourself if you want to watch it. The Daily Mail went big with the story in 2010, but it didn't name Magnotta. A Youtube video making the case that Magnotta's the cat killer has lots of footage from his various alleged productions, along with lots of pictures of him.

He's a nonsensical political pundit: CNN's iReport carried someone's citizen journalism report which attributed this quote to Magnotta while visiting a Ferrari car show in Miami: "When I was a kid, zoos used to stage a grisly display of anarchy and mess called the chimpanzees' tea party. Whilst such entertainments could hardly be described as tragic, it does nonetheless invoke Marx's observation that history repeats itself; the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce." Wherever that metaphor was headed, the iReport correspondent wrote that Magnotta "said he agrees with everything the Tea Party is doing and hopes Obama will not be re-elected."

He gives advice on how to disappear: A 2009 post on Digital Journal, headlined "How to Completely Disappear and Never Be Found," carries Magnotta's byline. It offers advice such as cutting your personal ties, liquidating your assets, acquiring fake identities, and selling your car to the first of those fake identities. It's not clear if he's actually good at disappearing (and leaving so many photos on the web can't aid the effort), but we're sure Canadian law enforcement will be able to test his methods.

Note: Two corrections have been made on this article. The original reported that the victim's torso had been found in Toronto, when in fact it was Montreal, and the last sentence of the paragraph about Homolka inadvertently referred to her denial when it should have been Magnotta's.

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