Welcome Back, Putin

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Here's something to think about: Vladimir Putin was sworn into office today, and if the Russian President completes his six-year term, he'll be Russia's longest-serving leader since Joseph Stalin. And apparently he has plans for a fourth-term, as The New York Times's Ellen Barry reports, meaning he could legally remain in power until 2024 (he'd be 71 years old). Obviously, that's a whole lot of Putin, and it seems like many Russians are sick of him (and the vote-rigging, and his fake rallies, and spending around $330,000 of his inauguration ceremony money on commemorative medals for guests)--hence the thousands-strong protests on Sunday. That didn't happen at today's inauguration, as the BBC reports that a heavy police presence cleared and kept the streets and squares surrounding the Kremlin quiet. "The police reported that 120 people had been detained on Monday, adding to upward of 400 who were rounded up by police officers" adds Barry

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