Uganda's Army Captures a Rebel Leader Who Isn't Joseph Kony

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The Uganda army has managed to track down and arrest a "big fish" in the Lord's Resistance Army, who is an ally to their controversial leader, Joseph Kony. Caesar Achellam (pictured above) who is described as a "Major General" in the LRA, was captured along with his family after an ambush in Central African Republic, where he was leading a small group of 30 rebels, most of whom escaped. Government troops have stepped up their pursuit of the LRA in recent months in response to the international attention brought about by the viral Stop Kony video that came out earlier this year, and the hope is that capture of a major figure means they are closing in on Kony himself. At the very least it should bolster the hunt and the confidence in the Uganda army that has been critized for its own tactics when dealing with rebel forces. According to the BBC, Achellam has been fighting in the African jungles since the mid-1980s. 

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