Tony Blair Can't Escape the Iraq War

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A man was able to break into Tony Blair's session with the Leveson Inquiry on Monday and accuse him of committing war crimes in Iraq and getting paid millions of dollars by JPMorgan Chase. The man shouted, "This man should be arrested for war crimes for the Iraq war." He then alleged that Blair was "paid off" by JPMorgan three months after the war, held up the Iraq bank for $6 million, and is still being paid annually by JP Morgan. 

Blair looked visibly shaken after the interruption, but was able to keep his composure enough to immediately deny the protestor's claims. "Can I just say, actually, on the record, what he said about Iraq and JP Morgan is completely and totally untrue," Blair said. 

Blair's testifying to the Leveson Inquiry about his relationship with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekeh Brooks during his time as Prime Minister. Blair admitted to courting the News Corp. papers while he was campaigning, and even growing close to Rebekah Brooks, but he said his relationship never affected his legislation. He admitted to sending Brooks text messages of support after the phone hacking scandal broke because he "doesn't believe in being a fair-weather friend."

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