Tokyo's Fugitive Penguin Has Been Caught

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All good things come to an end, right?  For those of you enchanted by the story of Tokyo's escaped penguin from March, we have the sad news today: zoo officials caught the flightless bird last night.  

It was so easy to be on No. 337's (the bird hasn't been given a name yet) side. On a glorious day in March, the Humboldt penguin displayed "an explosive power" and scaled a sheer rock face to escape the penguin encampment in Tokyo's Sea Life Park. Blessed with "tremendous speed," the little guy eluded zookeepers and fled to Tokyo Bay, where it taunted keepers by living like a haughty penguin king until Thursday night.  

Apparently, "two keepers went to a river after a sighting of the penguin was reported in the morning. They managed to catch it later that day on the river bank," The BBC reports. "It hasn't lost weight," a spokesman said. "It hasn't got fatter either but its health seems good."

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