Syrian Activist: Troops Attacked a Funeral

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Shadowy, Al-Qaeda-style terrorist groups aren't the only ones ignoring the nominal Syrian cease-fire, at least according to activists there, who said government forces opened fire on a funeral procession right in front of U.N. observers, killing at least 20 people.

The details of the attack on the funeral are still unconfirmed, the BBC says, but we do know the U.N. observers have been present for a few acts of violence on Tuesday. The U.N. confirmed its people had been involved in violence, and said one of its vehicles had been hit by a roadside bomb, but details on the funeral attack are coming not from the agency but from a Syrian activist, Fadi al-Yassin, whom The Associated Press cited as the source for its report. Al-Yassin's a regular source for the AP's Syria coverage, so we'll put as much stock in his reports as the AP does. In this case, he said he witnessed the funeral attack, which in the absence of a statement from the Syrian government or the United Nations, means we're taking his word for it.

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