Professional Crazy Person Survives Craziest Stunt Ever

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As stunts go, planning to jump out of a helicopter, fall 2,400 feet, and land safely without a parachute seems like just about the craziest. But Gary Connery, a 42-year-old father of two just did it in Britain, so crazy or not, we now know it's possible.

Connery's a whiz with a wing suit, the contraption skydivers use to allow themselves to glide around, and naturally he's done stunts for Batman Begins, among other movies. And he's not that insane: Connery brought a chute with him in case the stunt didn't work out. Although on second thought that seems... not very well thought through. Wouldn't it be a little late to pull the chute by the time failure set in?

Anyway, you came to see video of him doing the craziest thing possible, so here you go:

The Telegraph explains how this works: "In order to survive the audacious stunt, he had to flare his wing suit about 200ft from his target in order to bring his gliding speed down to 50mph and his vertical falling speed to 15mph." Oh, sure. Still looks pretty uncomfortable.

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