Mrs. Dotcom Was Totally Spoiled

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While we knew about MegaUpload mastermind Kim Dotcom's fondness for giraffes and bubble baths, we didn't know too much about his wife, Mona Dotcom, and her $202,000 ($155,000 US) Mercedes until today. The New Zealand Herald David Fisher reports that Mona Dotcom (yes, she took her husband's name) has applied to get her stuff back (including a G55 Mercedes)--stuff that was allegedly seized during the raid on the Dotcom complex.

According to court papers, it pays to be a Dotcom, since Mona was showered with presents like a Rolex, a pink iPhone, and the expensive G55 Mercedes she couldn't legally drive (apparently she doesn't have a driver's license)--the stuff you'd imagine you'd get if you were the wife of a guy who's reportedly a multi-millionaire many times over.  What we didn't imagine was how expensive it was for the Dotcoms to live in New Zealand. Per The Herald's Fisher:

Mrs Dotcom said the household was made up of 13 people - her, her husband, the couple's three children, her two young brothers and six staff. Since her affidavit was filed the household has grown by two more with the birth of her twins. Staff wages for the month added up to about $29,000.

But it was the cost of day-to-day living which proved most expensive, with $7000 a month spent on groceries, tanker water costing $1800 a month because the neighbourhood is not on town supply, and clothing and shoes at $700 a month.

Gas for heating and cooking cost $2000 a month and electricity $3500 a month. Phone calls from the landline were budgeted at $5000 - including toll calls.

That's what we call living large! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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