More Than 100 Die in Ferry Accident in India

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A ferry carrying around 350 people broke apart and sank into the Brahmaputra River near the India-Bangladesh border late on Monday, causing a awful death toll that could rise into the hundreds. Heavy rain and winds likely caused the ship to either capsize for break in half late on Monday evening and also complicated rescue efforts. Fast moving currents and the fact that the accident took place at night also likely contributed to tragedy. Reports vary about how many people were on board and how many were rescued, but the AP and The New York Times say that more than 100 bodies had been recovered and as 100 more passengers may still be missing. About 150 people were able to swim to safety. The double-decker boat had no lifeboats or life jackets and was overcrowded as most ferries in the area typically are. Accidents are common, but this may be one of India's worst disasters in recent memory.

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