Meet the New "More Radical" Insurgent Group in Afghanistan

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There's a new insurgent group called the Mullah Dadullah Front in Afghanistan and they're being billed as "more radical" than the Taliban, The New York Times reports

Three men who are suspected to be working with the group were reportedly arrested by Afghan officials on Saturday. The Times says the group has been calling and texting members of the Afghan parliament and threatening to suicide bomb them if they vote to ratify the peace agreement between Hamid Karzai and President Obama:

Dawood Hasas, a senator from Zabul Province, said he received a text message demanding that he agree to vote against the strategic agreement and warning, “We are a suicide front and we wage jihad.”

“We want an answer in one minute,” the message concluded.

A minute later, Mr. Hasas said, his phone rang and the caller demanded his answer. “I told them they cannot scare me with these threatening phone calls and texts,” Mr. Hasas said. “They told me if that was my decision then I will have the same destiny as Arsala Rahmani.”

They have also claimed responsibility for the assassination of Arsala Rahmani. Rahmini was a former Taliban member before becoming a high-ranking peace official between the current government and the Taliban. The group is named after a "blood thirsty" Taliban commander, Mullah Dadullah, who was killed in 2007. 

The Dadullah Front claimed responsibility for Rahmini's killing earlier this week and were branded as a Taliban-splinter group, likely because of their name. Afghan intelligence are saying the group is the faction of the Taliban “behind the current campaign of psychological and terror attacks.” But the Taliban told the Times they weren't affiliated with the Dadullah Front, and suggested they were made up by Afghan intelligence officials. 

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