Man Lights Himself on Fire Outside Breivik Trial

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Protest at Anders Breivik's trial for mass murder has escalated quite a bit from last week's shoe throwing incident as someone has lit himself on fire Tuesday after being denied entry to the courtroom. The details are still coming together, as The Sun reports the guy tried to push his way into the trial, was denied, then went across the street to a tram stop where he dumped a liquid from what looked like a Coke bottle on himself and lit it on fire. "The blazing protester — screaming with anger — then burst through the security cordon tents containing metal detectors and up to the front doors of Oslo District Courthouse." The Telegraph reports he yelled "shoot me! shoot me!" as he tried to get in, before setting himself ablaze. The Telegraph also links out to the Norwegian newspaper VG, which reports the man dumped two bottles of liquid on himself, and includes video. As when 40,000 Norwegians gathered outside the courtroom to annoy Breivik by singing Pete Seeger, this act of protest made its way to those in court. One witness told The Sun: "You could hear the screaming up on the second floor where the Breivik case is being held."

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