LOL: David Cameron Is a Terrible Texter

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As the focus of the Leveson Inquiry shifts from phone hacking to the relationship between journalists and politicians, former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks described a friendly relationship with David Cameron that also sounded pretty awkward.

The funniest detail is that the British prime minister used to text Brooks when he was opposition leader before the 2010 election, and sign his messages "lol," which he thought meant "lots of love." It's not for nothing #LOLgate is already a hashtag on Twitter and graces the cover of the Evening Standard, at left.

But Cameron didn't just text Brooks. As The Guardian's Lisa O'Carroll reports, she said he also contacted her through some kind of intermediary with a message of support when she quit News International as the hacking scandal exploded last summer. "Keep your head up" was the gist of the message, but "it was indirect. It wasn't a direct text message," Brooks told the inquiry. And there was some kind of mysterious email contact between June and July 2011, she said. "She said there had been a single email message from David Cameron on the BlackBerry during this period, but it was 'compressed' and therefore 'there's no content in it," according to O'Carroll. All in all, Cameron sounds like a pretty awkward person to keep in contact with. Especially with all those inappropriate outbursts of text laughter.

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