Iran Could Make Five Nukes, If It Wanted

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A new report says that Iran has enough uranium on hand that it could build up to five nuclear missiles, if it really wanted to. 

The Institute for Science and International Security used data from the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran's uranium production to deduce that if Iran were to enrich the uranium they've produced over the last five years, it would be enough for five nuclear missiles.

"This total amount of 3.5 percent low enriched uranium hexafluoride, if further enriched to weapon grade, is enough to make over five nuclear weapons," the ISIS report said. 

The IAEA report said Iran's produced almost 6.2 tons of uranium enriched at 3.5 percent since 2007, and some of it has been enhanced to higher enrichment levels, but so far it's only for reactor fuel. Iran has insisted its uranium production is only being used for peaceful means, like advancing their use of nuclear power, and they aren't looking into building nuclear weapons. 

Talks between major world leaders and Iran about uranium production fell apart earlier this week, but they did agree to meet again next month in Moscow to try again. 

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