IAEA Inspector Killed in Car Crash in Iran

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There's news coming out of Iran today that's tailor-made for conspiracy theories: According to The Associated Press, officials have confirmed that an IAEA inspector has died and another was severely injured in a car accident in central Iran. (Here's a report from the Iranian press as well.) Think about it: Mysterious car crash? Check. Death of inspector who worked at an agency which hasn't been on the best terms with Iran? Check.  The inspector's death comes ahead of talks between the IAEA and Iran? Check.  

The AP reports, "The official news agency IRNA says the International Atomic Energy Agency inspector died when the car in which he was riding overturned around noon near a heavy water reactor being built in Khondab."  

Details are scant and still coming in right now, but if you've been paying attention to Iran's nuclear talks and compliance (or lack thereof) with the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency, you'll know the two haven't been on the best of terms. Back in February, Iran had shut out the IAEA from accessing its Parchin site, and back in March, the six world powers called upon Iran to allow access to its secret site. The AP adds, "Tuesday's crash comes ahead of a new round of technical talks between Tehran and the IAEA to be held in Vienna on May 13-14." 

According to some of the initial reports, the inspectors are believed to be from South Korea and Slovakia.

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