How to Follow the Chen Guangcheng News

Confusing reports, many of them ominous, about the fate of the blind Chinese civil-rights activist

I am trying to keep up with the news, rumors, inferences, and discussions about this case. For others similarly interested, I suggest feeds from @limlouisa, @panphil, @keithrichburg, @comradewong, @chinageeks, @taniabranigan, @tomlasseter, @kemc, @niubi, @austinramzy, @gadyepstein, @jonthanwatts, @adamminter, @mranti -- and a bunch of others I'm leaving out at the moment whose names and reports you'll see in those feeds.

It is good that the outside world has had a glimpse of Chen and that he seems physically unharmed, apart from apparently injuring his leg during his escape. The goods and bads of the case more generally are far from certain. The very latest reports/allegations, that Chen was told that his wife would be killed if he did not leave the embassy, are (if true) obviously very grim in their implications. More as things become clearer. In the meantime, this story, apart from its global significance, is striking as the one in which, for me, Twitter became most indispensable as a realtime news source.