Hero of the Day: Man Who Threw a Shoe at Anders Breivik

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Wouldn't you throw one too if, say, you had to hear how much "fun" Anders Breivilk had when he killed your loved ones? Well,  it happened: An unidentified relative of one of Breivik's victims tossed his footwear at Breivik but was only able to hit his defense lawyer. The gesture was met with general approval. "The shoe-throwing incident on Friday brought spontaneous applause from members of the public in the courtroom," reports the BBC.  "Someone was heard shouting: "Bravo!" It's worth remembering that 40,000 people gathered in the rain in Oslo to sing a song Breivik was said to despise in April.

"It's not very surprising," a police superintendent told the BBC "there are lots of emotions in the courtroom". Well, obviously emotions are going to go wild when the Norwegian legal system is trolled and becomes a platform for Breivik to say things like he wants capital punishment, how much he'd do it again, how he was acting in self defense, and how he used Call of Duty to help him kill your  loved ones .

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