DSK's Pimping Scandal Now Has a D.C. Gang Rape Allegation

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Sometimes we just wish Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his violent crime scandals* would vanish from the news cycle. He probably does too, considering the fact there are new accusations coming out today that he allegedly gang-raped a Belgian prostitute in D.C.hotel in 2010.

Forgive us, but we've lost count of who DSK has allegedly sexually assaulted ... allegedly sexually assaulted but had charges dismissed ... allegedly sexually assaulted but statute of limitations had passed ... oh and there's his current alleged pimping probe too. This charge is connected to the last one. 

The New York Times' Maia de la Baume reports that prosecutors in Lille, France "had submitted new evidence alleging that Mr. Strauss-Khan may have sexually assaulted a Belgian prostitute at a sex party organized at the W hotel in Washington in December 2010." De la Baume cites a report from the Libération newspaper, which stated that one of the Belgian prostitutes at the alleged sex party said DSK subjected her to "certain sexual acts without her consent."  The AFP adds, "The Lille prosecutor was presented by the magistrates charged with investigating the 'Carlton affair' with a notice to make known, for whatever useful purpose, evidence of gang rape."  Useful purpose... gang rape? Can we just digest that for a bit? Okay, moving on...

The AFP reports that the ball is now in the prosecutor's court, as he can either throw out the allegation or expand the original probe (about his prostitution ring) to include this new charge. 


*We initially had written "sex scandals", but it's been pointed out that the phrasing takes away from the serious nature of the allegations.

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