DEA Agents Now in a Whole New Colombian Prostitution Scandal

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Back when the Secret Service's Colombian prostitution scandal was in full swing, there were whispers of similar behavior among DEA agents, and on Monday CBS finally nailed the story that the agency was investigating three agents and had removed them from the country.

Per CBS's Laura Strickler, the Drug Enforcement Administration's scandal is a little different from the Secret Service's in that agents live there permanently instead of just visiting along with officials, which means the rumored "wheels up rings off" parties wouldn't really work. There are few details as yet about what actually happened, but we know from the CBS report that the agents are being investigated for allegedly hiring prostitutes in a situation unrelated to the Secret Service fiasco in Cartagena. DEA has offices in Cartagena and Bogota, but this investigation focuses on the Cartagena office.

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