Canada's Foot-Mailing Suspect May Be in France

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Luka Magnotta, the 29-year-old model suspected in killing and dismembering someone, then sending the body parts to Canadian political parties, is now the subject of an international manhunt, and INTERPOL is on the case.

After police found what they say is the murder scene in his Montreal apartment, a few suggestions have surfaced as to where he's fled: The police think he's already in France, having gone there on Saturday. An anonymous woman told the QMI news agency she'd picked Magnotta up while hitchhiking outside of Montreal last week, saying he was bound for Ottawa and wearing "a very strange expression." Wherever he is, Magnotta's life on the run is going to be made difficult by the international arrest warrant that's been put out on him.

Back in Montreal, police said they had obtained the video of Magnotta apparently killing and dismembering his victim, which we've seen and can say is every bit as disturbing as it sounds, including the soundtrack by New Order (it opens with "True Faith" if you want to know). Also, the Globe and Mail has this nasty detail: "Police warn that not all of the murder victim, a male, has been recovered but refuse to say whether they believe more pieces of his body are still in Canada Post’s mail system." Magnotta's reputation online was as someone who desperately wanted to be famous. He certainly is now.

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