Another Way to Think About the Chen Guangcheng Case

Via this (imagined) scene at the U.S. embassy in Beijing last week. Suddenly it all makes more sense.

This is from Beijing Cream, which also goes into some detail about the disagreements within the Chinese press and the Chinese netisphere that I mentioned recently.

(I will try to get another post up relatively soon, so that an animated GIF, even one as tasteful as this, isn't sitting at the top of the page indefinitely.)
Update: Via the Atlantic's Max Fisher, I learn that the GIF from these very funny Egyptian TV ads for a brand of cheese called Panda.

My sister, who teaches high school world history, showed her freshman this video to introduce her lesson on modern Middle Eastern history. She wanted to show that the Middle East is a normal place with grocery stores and offices and advertisements. The students were surprised to learn that they have televisions in Egypt.