Another Day Brings Another Syrian Massacre

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You'd think the discovery of another round of execution-style killings in a country whose government shown a propensity for lying, and whose refugees reported massacres and killings, would warrant U.N. intervention, right?  Well, not if you ask Russia. 

Even though Major-General Robert Mood, the head of U.N. observers, announced today that his team found 13 bodies, per Reuters, "with their hands tied behind their backs and signs that some had been shot in the head," Russia still isn't convinced that foreign intervention is the answer. " (Today's gruesome discoveries follow the horrific Houla massacre.) According to The BBC, Russia is "categorically against" intervention--not a surprise since the country had previously vetoed two U.N. Security Council resolutions in Syria before, and looks unafraid to use it again. You might too if you were making tons of money off the Syrian government for the arms you're supplying.  

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