The U.N. Is Sending More Help to Syria

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The U.N. has approved an increase in the number of monitors in Syria, bringing the total number of U.N. authorized observers from 30 up to 300. The original resolution to send in a team of U.N. monitors was approved last Saturday. Violence between the protestors and the military has continued since the supposed cease fire, despite the presence of the U.N. monitoring team. Syria has yet to agree to the increased number of monitors. 

The new resolution originally contained text that would threaten Syria with sanctions if they didn't comply with the wishes of the U.N.'s cease fire plan, The New York Times points out. That text was removed to compromise with Russia, and instead the new resolution threatens "unspecified further measures" if Syria fails to cooperate with the six-point peace plan. The U.S. currently has no plans to send troops to Syria, but that situation might change if the U.N. doesn't reach any sort of success with the cease fire. 

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