Three More Agents Have Resigned from the Secret Service

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Three more Secret Service agents resigned on Friday in the wake of the Colombian prostitue party scandal, which brings the total number of agents lost to six. The identities of the three agents who chose to resign on Friday have not been released. Of the three agents lost earlier in the week, David Chaney and Greg Stokes were supervisors with almost two decades of experience

The Washington Post mentions that of the 11 agents originally under investigation, one has been cleared of "serious misconduct" but will still face administrative action, but that another agent has been added to the internal investigation. One agent has been cleared of getting fired, essentially, while another's job is now at risk. 

The New York Times spoke to a woman who acted as a translator between the agent and the prostitute while he was first negotiating his price with the girl. The amount of money the agent agreed to pay at the party, before trying to renegotiate in the morning, has changed in this version. In the Times original interview with the alleged prostitue and her friend, the amount agreed upon between two was $800, but in this version the girl is quoted saying it was only $300. Whether they're speaking with a new source is unclear. In each story the speaker remains anonymous. The part of the story that remains the same is that the Secret Service agent tried to offer only $30 the morning after, which is what set the whole scandal in motion. 

[Pictured: Secret Service agents walking through Colombia, image via AP]

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