Things Don't Look Good for Nicolas Sarkozy

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The first round of voting for France's presidency closed today, and incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy is surprisingly behind with 50 percent of the votes counted. Sarkozy is currently in second, just a point behind Socialist candidate Francois Hollande. The Interior Ministry released the partial official numbers just after polls closed, and Hollande had 27.6 percent of the vote compared to 26.6 for Sarkozy. The rest of the vote was spread out over eight other candidates. Should Sarkozy lose he would be the first president in France's history to not serve for two terms. The top two vote getters at the end of today, which is all but guaranteed to be Sarkozy and Hollande, will square off in a run off election on May 6. Sarkozy's main concern lies in the votes distributed among the eight other candidates in the running, which are expected to swing in Hollande's favour. 

Here's a pretty cool video from the Hollande campaign that uses the (uncensored) version of Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Paris": 

(h/t to Rap Radar for the Hollande video)

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