Sic Transit Gloria NMAi

(See update below.) It appears that our old friends at Next Media Animation of Taiwan, despite their artistic triumphs, are encountering headwinds in the business world. For samples of some of their greatest hits, go direct to the source, or see these past items on: Facebook, American truckling to bankers in Beijing, Chinese students as cash-cow customers for American universities, Tiger Woods's marital troubles, the fondly remembered Christine O'Donnell campaign, a remix of the remarkable "Chinese professor" ad, etc.

Here's a screen shot with one of their staple images -- Battle Pandas, from China, reflecting not only Taiwanese suspicions of the PRC government but also American fantasies of an unstoppable Chinese rise.


Check out the story about NMA going up for sale. If you were looking for a place to invest your new Facebook IPO earnings or some other windfall, give it a thought. Here's Jimmy Lai, the person you would be buying NMA from:


Thanks to reader SM for the tip, although he is saddened by the news as am I. Nonetheless, Happy Easter.

Update: Imagine my chagrin! Reader DK points out something that I missed. Namely, that this same NMA had done a feature on ... flying cars! And only a few days ago. As the reader points out, it's not NMA's finest or funniest work. But I feel like a slacker not to have noted this harmonic convergence of themes. Take a look.