Reports of Violence After Syrian Cease Fire Agreement

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Well, that didn't last long. Although Syrian forces seemingly respected the U.N.'s cease fire, there are now reports of protesters being shot dead. The BBC reports that at the sites of anti-government protests, Syrian forces "fired into the air to disperse crowds in several locations. But in some, protesters were shot dead."

It's worth pointing out that the BBC is primarily sourcing the reports of killings from activists, who in the past have given conflicting reports of the death toll and situation in Syria. The BBC's reporter on the ground says it'll be some time before we figure out the true story of today's violence. Some on Twitter are pointing to this video (below) as evidence of the Syrian forces' shelling. We can't vouch for its authenticity but it seems to have been uploaded today: 

Conversely, the BBC notes Syrian state news said an army officer had been killed, and that a bomb had gone off next to a military bus in the neighborhood of Aleppo. Though, at this point it's hard to trust Syrian military officials and state-sponsored reports, especially when the actions described sound just like the caveat they needed: The phrase "aggression from terrorists" has been used throughout this conflict, and is seemingly being used now to restart the violence.

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